The Founders

CEO and Co-Founder

Peter is a serial entrepreneur in global IT and automation that leverage emerging technologies.  His operations have spanned 30+ countries in 5 continents, operating from bases in UK, Europe, Middle East and Australia – and, for 30 years, USA.

From system integration services, to software, to information sharing networks, Peter has funded, founded, built and successfully exited 4 businesses: Tangent International, kiNexus, Planetworks, Group Intelligence.  Market segments served in-depth have included: Banking, Healthcare, Higher Education, Finance and Insurance, Government, Oil, and Technology.

Career highlights include: establishing a US subsidiary for his first (UK-based) business at age 26, being a pioneer in information sharing networks (beginning in the pre-internet era), and selling a web infrastructure technology company to IBM (of which he was a co-founder and the majority shareholder).

Peter’s current focus is Solutionize, and its breakthrough Health IT app, TeamPatient, which connects everyone and everything around a patient that’s needed for better outcomes.

President and Co-Founder

Alelie has over 25 years career in global IT markets. She has been responsible for architecting and launching Digital Business Ecosystems since 2001. Alelie is responsible for every aspect of the ecosystems, including technology, development and go to market plans. Under her leadership ecosystem memberships grew to over 100,000 enterprise IT customers, 500+ groups and hundreds of vendors worldwide.  Alelie heads the development of all Solutionize technologies.