TeamPatient®: Connecting the Continuum of Care

TeamPatient® is a patient-driven digital team room for all participants in the continuum of care – connecting everyone and everything essential to produce better outcomes.

The resulting Patient Health Cloud gets all participants on the same page, for:

  • Real-time collaboration and triage
  • Support to new services (e.g., patient training, remote monitoring)
  • Improved transitions of care and outcomes
  • A comprehensive and consolidated view of care, which increases in value over time

TeamPatient® Capabilities

  • Team membership management, with roles-based rules: enables collaboration between any combination of participants in care
  • Dynamic care calendar: with Tasks created by approved team members
  • Organized information and content sharing: including medical records, rich-media and videos
  • In-app messaging, with audit trail:  one-to-one, patient-to-group, conversations
  • Real-time notifications of updates