Advisor – Healthcare

Sheri Buschuk has over 40 years of experience in healthcare. As a RN, she held multiple roles ranging from care delivery to executive leadership. Before retiring from healthcare, she represented EPIC as a CNIO for an EHR Community Connect collaboration between Covenant Health and Bon Secour Health. Buschuk served as the Executive Director of CareConnect for Community Health Network; there she led the team through successful change management, EHR implementation, integration, optimization, and adoption. Along the way, Sheri held multiple nursing leadership roles helping guide and mentor nursing and the nursing process. Sheri brings a keen understanding of relationships, performance management, integration, and communication effectiveness.

Sheri has her own coaching company, Transformational Solutions. She is the co-owner of Synergistic Evolution which helps organizations realize their full potential by strengthening self, teaming, and advancing outcomes. Sheri is also a mentor for the Real Business Experience course at Butler University in Indianapolis. She resides in Fortville Indiana.