CEO and Co-Founder


Peter is a serial entrepreneur in global IT and automation that leverage emerging technologies.  His operations have spanned 30+ countries in 5 continents, operating from bases in UK, Europe, Middle East and Australia – and, for 30 years, USA.

From system integration services, to software, to information sharing networks, Peter has funded, founded, built and successfully exited 4 businesses: Tangent International, kiNexus, Planetworks, Group Intelligence.  Market segments served in-depth have included: Banking, Healthcare, Higher Education, Finance and Insurance, Government, Oil, and Technology.

Career highlights include: establishing a US subsidiary for his first (UK-based) business at age 26, being a pioneer in information sharing networks (beginning in the pre-internet era), and selling a web infrastructure technology company to IBM (of which he was a co-founder and the majority shareholder).

Peter’s current focus is Solutionize, and its breakthrough Health IT app, TeamPatient, which connects everyone and everything around a patient that’s needed for better outcomes.