The Company

Solutionize Inc., was established in 2012 to transform collaboration across complex, business-oriented ecosystems, in which the combination of organized information management, rules-based membership, on-demand information sharing, and multi-level communications - all from one place - is critical to faster understanding, coordination, and outcomes among collaborating members.

Our proprietary platform has evolved over many years, industry use cases and versions, and is personalized into innovative solutions for each market served - notably government and healthcare:

Our Origin

Solutionize founders are serial entrepreneurs with extensive global experience in IT, software, and social business. They have been pioneers in information sharing networks since 2001, following the sale of their web infrastructure business to IBM; and they are supported by an engaged and highly accomplished Advisory Board. Prior to Solutionize they built, grew and managed collaboration networks in partnership with major brands within Microsoft, SAP and IBM, which connected their staffs, customers and business partners in over 100 countries.